Migration to Gmail

Notes and helpful links regarding the TCOE mail systems migration to Gmail

This page will be updated from time to time (and more frequently as the migration proceeds)
so do check back occastionally.

The migration will be starting for most users on the evening of Wednesday, August 9.
Users should see email appearing in their Gmail accounts that had previously been only in
their old tcoek12.org account.

TCOE will be using a service to copy mail out of the TCOE system into TCOE's and districts' Gmail systems.  
  Email should copy over fine for all users.     

  Contacts and basic Calendar items will also copy from the Exchange server to Gmail.       
  Note that if your Contacts and Calendar items are stored on your computer rather than on the Exchange server,   
  they will NOT be copied.  The service can only read Contacts/Calendars from the Exchange server.    

  Note that if you're a district user, your Contacts and Calendar won't be on the Exchange server.
  See below for notes and links to instructions on exporting and importing Contacts and Calendars.  

Note that to log into your email after the migration, you will be using the Gmail system.
Go to www.gmail.com.  Your login will be your username@yourdistrict'sname.org, for example:
, , , , ,

(Note for direct TCOE employees: your password for your @tcoek12.org gmail will be the same
as your password for your @trinitycoe.org gmail.)

Here's Google's page of instructions, guides, cheat sheets, etc for using Gmail. (Very helpful!)

TCOE EMail Clean-up and Delete.
This article includes information on mass-deleting groups of unneeded emails.
There are sections for Outlook, TCOE Webmail and MacMail.  If folks go through their old email and delete unneeded
emails, then, as we move from TCOE's mail servers to the Google platform, there will be less mail to need to move.
That will make the process take less time and have less opportunity for errors.
(Note:The migration will be starting the evening of Wednesday, August 9 and continue until it's finished.
If you haven't deleted items (and emptied your deleted items folder) by the evening of the 9th, it will be better to not do it until after the migration.

Exporting data from your current email program and importing it to Google
The following are links to help pages published by Microsoft, Apple and Google
Export contacts from Outlook
Export contacts from Mac Mail (Note the drop down menu on the page in that link for the different versions of MacOS)
Import contacts into Google Contacts

Export Calendar events from Outlook
Export Calendar events from Mac (Note the drop down menu on the page in that link for the different versions of MacOS)
Import Calendars into Google Calendar

Note: Be careful that you're exporting from and importing to what you think you are.  We heard of an incident of a user's personal contacts being clobbered by their work contacts.

Copying email Rules over to Gmail
Unfortunately, there is too much difference between Outlook "Rules" and Gmail "Filters,"
so any rules you have will need to be re-created as Gmail Filters.
Here's an article on creating Gmail Filters

Changing default sending account
During an interim period when both systems are active, there's a chance you could send email
through the old system after the recipient has stopped checking that account.  To prevent that
you'll want to make sure you're sending through the Gmail account rather than the TCOE account.

Here are some articles to do this from Microsoft Outlook:
This article from Microsoft or This article from Windows Central

Here's an article about how to do this in Mac Mail 
(Note: Once the migration has happened, there will be little to no need to open the old system
and soon after the migration is finished, the old system will be taken offline.

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