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Trinity County Office of Education
Sarah Supahan – County Superintendent of Schools • (530) 623-2861


People are often puzzled about the role of the Trinity County Office of Education (TCOE) and the Trinity County Superintendent of Schools, especially about our relationship with districts in our county. Below is some history and information that may help to clear up confusion.


The position of County Superintendent of Schools was established in the California State Constitution in 1879 and has evolved to meet the changing needs of the state and its students. For instance, in 1992, Assembly Bill 1200 was put in place which requires County Offices of Education (COEs) to monitor the fiscal solvency of the districts in their county. As of 2013, COEs are also now required to review and approve district plans (also known as the “Local Control Accountability Plan” or “LCAP” for short) and provide technical assistance and support to districts. In addition, the County Superintendent is required to ensure that teachers in districts have the correct qualifications, may provide temporary certificates to teachers whose credentials are being processed by the state, and to provide a forum to identify local priorities for childcare and related policies in the county. In general, the County Superintendent serves, supports and provides leadership to the districts, and is the single point of contact for educational issues in each county.

There are 58 County Superintendents of Instruction in California, one for each county. Fifty-three of those County Superintendents are elected. In the remaining five counties, the superintendent is appointed either by the County Board of Education or the County Board of Supervisors (all five of those exceptions are in large urban areas such as Los Angeles and Sacramento). All County Boards of Education may temporarily appoint an interim County Superintendent for a vacated position.

The County Board of Education is responsible for approving the annual budget of TCOE and oversees schools that may be run by the county (such as a court school). The county board may also conduct hearings and recommend to the state the revocation or suspension of a teacher’s credentials. That board also serves as the county committee for the reorganization of school districts. In addition, they are an appeal board for two district issues: Student expulsions and interdistrict transfers.

Each School District also has their own board which governs that district itself, often referred to as a “School Board” or a “Board of Trustees”. Such boards are responsible for setting district policies and for hiring and directing their own District Superintendent. In Trinity County, there are nine separate, independent districts, each with their own board and their own superintendent. Six of those districts in our county are single school, K- 8th grade districts. They are: Burnt Ranch, Coffee Creek, Junction City, Douglas City, Lewiston and Trinity Center. Although small schools, they each have their own superintendent and board to govern their single-school district.

Trinity County also has three school districts made up of five schools each (including adult and alternative schools). They are: Mountain Valley, Trinity Alps and Southern Trinity. They are all K-12th grade districts.


Burnt Ranch Sch. District

PO Box 39

Burnt Ranch, CA 95527

Supt/Prin. Kathleen Graham

kgraham [AT] tcoek12 [DOT] org


FAX 530-629-2479

Coffee Creek Sch. District

HC 2, Box 4740

Trinity Center, CA  96091

Supt. Ed Traverso

dfrederick [AT] tcoek12 [DOT] org


FAX 530-266-3344

Douglas City Sch. District

PO Box 280

Douglas City, CA  96024

Supt/Prin. Shannon Ross

sross [AT] tcoek12 [DOT] org


FAX 530-623-3412

Junction City Sch. District

430 Red Hill Road

Junction City, CA  96048

Supt. Christine Camara

ccamara [AT] tcoek12 [DOT] org


FAX 530-623-5652

Lewiston School District

685 Lewiston Road

Lewiston, CA  96052

Supt/Prin. Allan Carver

acarver [AT] tcoek12 [DOT] org


FAX 530-778-3103

Trinity Center Sch. District

PO Box 127

Trinity Center, CA  96091

Supt. Carole Havens

carolehavens [AT] tcoek12 [DOT] org or

vstewart [AT] tcoek12 [DOT] org


FAX 530-266-3381

Trinity Alps Unif. Sch. District

PO Box 1227

Weaverville, CA  96093

Supt. Tom Barnett

tbarnett [AT] tausd [DOT] org


FAX 530-623-3418

 Cox Bar Elementary closed

Big Bar, CA  96010

Supt. Tom Barnett

tbarnett [AT] tausd [DOT] org


FAX 530-623-6316

Weaverville Elementary School

PO Box 1000

Weaverville, CA  96093

 Prin. Katie Poburko

kpoburko [AT] tausd [DOT] org


FAX 530-623-5548

Trinity High School

PO Box 1060

Weaverville, CA  96093

Prin. Bob Anderson

banderson [AT] tausd [DOT] org


FAX 530-623-6661

Alps View High School

PO Box 1227

Weaverville, CA  96093

Supt. Tom Barnett

tbarnett [AT] tausd [DOT] org


FAX 530-623-3418

Mtn. Valley Unif. Sch. District

PO Box 339

Hayfork, CA  96041

Supt. Debbie Miller

dmiller [AT] mvusd [DOT] us


FAX 530-628-5267

Hayfork Elementary

PO Box 70

Hayfork, CA  96041

Prin. Anmarie Swanstrom

aswanstrom [AT] mvusd [DOT] us


FAX 530-628-5344


Hyampom Arts

Magnet School closed

Hyampom, CA  96046

Prin. Anmarie Swanstrom

aswanstrom [AT] mvusd [DOT] us  


FAX 530-628-5902

Hayfork High School

PO Box 10

Hayfork, CA  96041

Prin. Debbie Miller

dmiller [AT] mvusd [DOT] us


 FAX 530-628-3091

Valley High School

PO Box 339

Hayfork, CA  96041

Prin. Debbie Miller

dmiller [AT] mvusd [DOT] us


FAX 530-628-5018

So. Trinity Jt. Unif. Sch. Dist.

680 Van Duzen Road

Mad River, CA  95526

Supt. Peggy Canale

pcanale [AT] stjusd [DOT] org


FAX 707-574-6538

Van Duzen Elementary School

680 Van Duzen Road

Mad River, CA  95526

Prin. Peggy Canale

pcanale [AT] stjusd [DOT] org


Hoaglin Zenia School

HC 62, Box 54

Zenia, CA  95595

rdrechsler [AT] stjusd [DOT] org


FAX 707-923-4294

So. Trin. HS & Mt. Lassic Cont

600 Van Duzen Road

Mad River, CA 95526

pcanale [AT] stjusd [DOT] org



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