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Mental Health in California Schools

There is a lot of conversation going on right now about mental health, both nationally and at home in our own community. We wanted to take some time to explain what we do offer in the school setting, who our partners are in serving all of our kids, and clarify a few things to make it easier to get support.


How do we Support Kids Now?

Currently, we have several programs throughout the county that support all students. Some of those programs include the Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) grant supported by Trinity County Behavioral Health Services (TCBHS). PEI focuses on teaching kids the important social skills they will need to help deal with difficult social and emotional situations and prevent negative behaviors later in life (both in school and in the community). The goal of the PEI program is to teach positive behaviors now that will help all students to be successful later in life. The program is often guided by the feedback we get from annual stakeholder groups about how the program is going and what we may need moving forward. Additionally, individual and group counseling is provided by the Trinity County Office of Education (TCOE) and our partners at TCBHS.  

Who are our Partners?

The Trinity County Office of Education provides some mental health services to students through school psychologists, a prevention counselor, and a mental health clinician. Many local schools also have staff on site that help students with social and emotional needs (this can be a counselor or a counseling technician). Additionally, TCBHS are a great partner in providing mental health supports to individual students as well as groups of students (this can be done at the school site or at TCBHS). TCBHS has also been helpful in providing alcohol and other drug supports to students (and adults) in the community who may need that support. 

How can I get Support?

Always start by asking your local school. Information about counseling services can always be provided by the local school site. There is almost always some kind of form that needs to be completed, as well as additional information that needs to be filled out by parents or guardians, but we can always start the process by pointing you in the right direction. Trinity County schools are here to support the needs of all students, which includes mental health. We hope this article provides a little light on the services we do currently have, as well as the important partners we have in providing those supports to students.

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