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What is Love and Logic?

Since 2013, The Trinity County Office of Education (TCOE) has been committed to creating a Love and Logic culture in the school districts of Trinity County. We have provided trainings to educators as well as community members, and we are now offering parenting courses that anyone can attend, free of charge. Keep reading!


Love and Logic is a philosophy founded in 1977, and has proven to be a successful approach to parenting (and teaching) children. The “Love” in Love and Logic means that we love our kids so much that we are willing to set and enforce limits, and that we do so with compassion and empathy. The ‘Logic” happens when we allow children to make decisions and affordable mistakes, and let them experience the natural or logical consequences of their actions which are balanced with empathy – and, of course, with safety in mind.

In Love and Logic classes, parents learn that: Adults can set firm limits in loving ways without anger, lecture, threats or repeated warnings, and that one way to set those limits is by using “enforceable statements”. Parents learn to regard children’s mistakes as learning opportunities, and resist the temptation to nag. In these classes, parents also learn to hand problems back to children in loving ways when children misbehave, giving kids the gift of owning and solving their own problems. The classes also explain that it’s ok for parents to delay consequences for a better, more well-thought-out response.

Love and Logic is built around the important foundation of creating caring and respectful relationships and includes the following tenets:

  • Respect, appreciation and love prevents potential problems
    When children feel respected, appreciated and loved by their parents and teachers, they are far more motivated and cause far fewer problems. 


  • Freedom to problem-solve and make decisions fosters motivation
    Students are far calmer and more motivated when their parents and teachers allow them to make choices and solve their own problems within limits. 


  • Focusing energy on problem prevention is rewarding
    Successful parents and educators focus most of their energy on simple tools for preventing misbehavior or keeping it small...rather than trying to provide consequences for every problem.


  • Showing empathy and compassion is effective
    When consequences are necessary, effective parents and educators provide children with sincere empathy or compassion. 

Parents who have participated in the training have said:

“…I rave about the fact that it has helped me develop usable, practical skills, as opposed to just learning another theory about what I should be doing."

“Parenting is fun…[it’s] not simply something to be endured.”

“It’s so much easier to not get into power struggles and arguments now that I know the way to do it. I feel a lot more calm about discipline.”

“[I’ve learned] How to control myself, not my child. I react differently now and so does he.”

If you’re interested in participating in Love and Logic Parenting classes, or know someone who could benefit from them, contact Cassie Telles at TCOE at 530-623-2961 x 254 for more information.

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