Monthly News Article for February 2019


Trinity County Office of Education
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February 2019

The Trinity County Office of Education (TCOE) is a member of the Shasta-Tehama-Trinity Adult Education Consortium which serves all of Trinity County along with Shasta and Tehama Counties.

TCOE, in partnership with our local high school district’s adult education programs, offers services in the following areas:


  1. Basic skills, High School diploma or high school equivalency tests
  2. Citizenship, English as a second language
  3. Entry/Re-entry into the workforce
  4. Adult programs designed to develop knowledge and skills to assist elementary and high school children succeed academically in school
  5. Adults with disabilities programs
  6. Short term career education programs
  7. Pre-apprenticeship programs and activities

The goal of the Shasta-Tehama-Trinity Adult Education Consortium is to better serve the needs of adult learners (18+ years old) and to create an educational or career path for adults so that they can grow both personally and financially.

TCOE understands the importance of offering adult education classes that assist parents in helping their children with school. TCOE’s Adult Learning Center offers parenting classes using the Love & Logic philosophy. Studies have shown that children who are supported by their parents, families, mentors, or guardians are more likely to be successful in school. These classes also teach parents ways in which they can help their children with school subjects. The classes also offer information on how to help children be better students, when and how to help children with homework, and where to find tutoring help. They offer information on other activities which help children do well in school. They teach parents how to talk with and work with teachers and school staff, and also teach parents ways they can help their children with test taking.

Trinity County Adult Learning also offers the General Education Diploma (GED) and the High School Equivalency Test (HiSet) at TCOE and or through our mobile test center. We offer over 70 Information Technology Tests. Our Learning Center can also help adults connect with our local high schools in order to get a high school diploma. TCOE works with adult education programs at Trinity High School, Hayfork High School and Southern Trinity High School.

Trinity County Adult Learning Center is focused on serving adult learners in Trinity County by helping them reach their educational and career dreams.  In addition to offering parenting classes, high school equivalency and technology tests, TCOE can also help adults who want to continue their education or increase their career skills through our partnership with Shasta College. For more information on the programs offered through the Shasta-Tehama-Trinity Adult Education Consortium, please visit:

In order to participate in the adult education programs, you must be at least 18 years old. If you would like more information and or help in your career or educational goals, please contact the Trinity County Office of Education at 530-623-2861 and ask for the Trinity County Adult Learning Center.

Trinity County Office of Ed | 201 Memorial Drive | PO Box 1256 |  Phone (530) 623-2861 | FAX (530) 623-4489

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