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Trinity County Office of Education
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Computer, Business , and Parent Classes in Trinity County

A group of community members, representatives of the Trinity County Office of Education, and the Trinity Together Cradle to Career Partnership have been working with Shasta College to offer interesting and relevant community courses at the Trinity Campus located at 30 Arbuckle Court in Weaverville, next to the Trinity Alps Performing Arts Center. Now, several classes are offered for the spring semester and there’s still time to sign up!


The classes are for anyone in the community to participate in. You don’t have to be a student of Shasta College. To take one of these classes you do need to register with the Shasta College Community Education Department at (530) 242-7677. A minimum number of participants are needed for each class to be a “go” so please sign up now!

The classes offered this semester are:

Computer Basics for Beginners: learn the basics of a computer including powering on/off, components (monitor, CPU, storage), hardware and software, keyboard and mouse, operating systems, desktop icons, taskbar, run programs, manipulate windows, customize your computer, file and photo management and storage, cut/copy/paste functions, select multiple files, understanding the Internet and using a web browser.

In the “Beginning Word” class you will create and navigate documents, format text, paragraphs and page numbering, spacing, headers and footers, set tabs, add styles, and create & format tables. You should have some basic knowledge of Windows operating system or should take the course above first.

In “Beginning Excel” you will create a basic workbook, enter cell data, create worksheet formulas, adjust cells, columns, and rows, apply text and number formats, align cell contents, apply styles and basic formatting, create and use templates, print a workbook, set up page layout, add borders and colors to worksheets, and other functions of Excel. Prerequisite knowledge is the same as for “Beginning Word” above.  

“Marketing for Small Business” will explore practical, best practices to help you consistently market and attract clients and customers for your small business. You’ll get simple answers to your biggest marketing problems.

  • What is good marketing media and what is a waste of your money
  • How and why to set up a marketing calendar
  • The 5 rules of Social Media
  • Understand why marketing is the key to leverage time, growth and income for your small business

PARENTS AND PLAY” will help your little one learn basic rhythm and coordination in this class.  Partnered in this course with a parent/grandparent/guardian, children, ages 2.5 to 6 learn beginning dance moves that will help them with later performing arts, martial arts, or athletics.  Listening, analyzing, picturing, and interpreting or responding to music encourages a mind-body connection but is also proven effective in promoting math comprehension, and helps them learn to focus and follow directions, among other positive outcomes.

“Parenting the Love and Logic Way” - Parenting can be hard, demanding, and overwhelming and parents often do not know where to turn for support and help. With new skills and insights, you can renew your relationship with your children and put an end to arguing, power struggles, and irresponsibility.

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