Monthly News Article for March 2019


Trinity County Office of Education
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TCOE Provides Support to TAUSD and other Districts

The Trinity County Office of Education (TCOE) provides support for the nine individual school districts in our county, including budget and financial management support. As part of this role, TCOE has been working hand-in-hand with the Trinity Alps Unified School District (TAUSD), which includes Weaverville Elementary, Alps View School and Trinity High School, to work through the $558,000 budget shortfall that the district is currently experiencing.


In support of finding budget solutions that have the least impact on students, the district has created a Budget Advisory Committee as part of their annual revision process of their district’s plan called the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP).  With assistance from TCOE, district staff has organized and facilitated public meetings to gain input from all stakeholders: parents, students, school staff, and the community. 

The Budget Advisory Committee is helping district administration provide budget options to the TAUSD Board of Trustees, to advise the board on making the best possible decisions to balance the budget. Starting in February, the Budget Advisory Committee first determined the different parts of the budget they wanted to explore in detail, began to review how funding and resources are structured, and where cuts might be made. The TAUSD board’s final decision will have to be made within the parameters of things like basic needs to keep the district running, requirements for special education, staff contracts and seniority. TCOE has been helping to organize and facilitate these budget advisory meetings through our Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, Gretchen Deichler, and our Data Analyst, Jeff Morris, working closely with TAU’s Director of Fiscal Services, Cindy Blanchard.

TCOE has also been assisting TAUSD in facilitating the district’s LCAP meetings to explain state requirements, and to gather input from the public on what they love about the district, what their dreams are for the district, what they think could be cut out of the plan/budget, what they want the district to keep at any cost, and what actions or services are needed at TAUSD. Fabio Robles, TCOE’s Deputy Superintendent, and Tim Nordstrom, Education Services Director have been organizing and facilitating these meetings along with district Superintendent, Jaime Green and other TAUSD staff members.

As part of our county wide services, TCOE also assists all nine districts in writing their district plans (the LCAP), and making sure they include all requirements of the State. Submitted to TCOE by July 1st for approval, district plans are required to address eight specific priorities set by the State. These priorities include things like student achievement, student engagement, parent involvement, and school climate. Districts also have to include in their plan how they will make any improvements necessary in their California Dashboard data.  Available to the public at, the Dashboard includes information on how each district is doing in their graduation rate, attendance, suspension rate and other areas. Note that some of our smaller, one-school districts do not have enough students to generate reports on the Dashboard.

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