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An Outline of the Schools and Districts in Trinity County

You might be surprised to learn that there are nine public school DISTRICTS in Trinity County. A district is defined as an independent school or a collection of schools who are governed by their own School Board and have a Superintendent who manages the district (whereas a Principal is the administrator of just one school in a district).


Six of our districts are single, elementary school districts (Burnt Ranch Elementary School District, Coffee Creek Elementary School District, Douglas City Elementary School District, Junction City Elementary School District, Lewiston Elementary School District, and Trinity Center Elementary School District). Because the students from these elementary districts are expected to attend Trinity High School in Weaverville after eighth grade, they are considered “feeder” school districts. Single school districts often combine the role of a Superintendent/Principal and hire just one administrator.

Trinity High School is part of the Trinity Alps Unified School District (TAUSD) which includes Weaverville Elementary and Trinity Preparatory Academy, as well as Alps View High, a Continuation High School – an alternative setting that can be more flexible for students’ needs. TAUSD now also includes Cox Bar School which used to be a single school district but was “lapsed” into TAUSD in 2014. To “lapse” means to dissolve a district and to annex the entire territory of that district to one or more adjoining districts. 

You may recall that the high school and elementary school in Weaverville were two separate districts until they were “unified” into one district in 2008.

In addition to the Trinity Alps Unified School District, there are two other Unified Districts in Trinity County: Mountain Valley Unified School District (MVUSD) and Southern Trinity Joint Unified School District (STJUSD).

MVUSD is located in the community of Hayfork and is made up of several schools: Hayfork Elementary School, Hayfork High School, and Valley High Continuation High School. Hyampom Elementary School was closed in 2015.

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