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Schools Need Subs in All Job Categories!

Have you ever thought about becoming a substitute teacher, a substitute classroom para-educator (also called a classroom aide), or a pre-school instructor? Maybe you like to cook and would love to try your hand at making a great lunch for kids for a day, or you enjoy working outside and would love to do janitorial or maintenance work on a substitute basis. You’d earn some extra money and our schools really need you!

Our county regularly suffers from a shortage of school substitutes and this year is no exception. It’s possible that people don’t know about this opportunity for extra cash and part-time, flexible work, so we wanted to make sure the community knows and can spread the word!


If there is a concern about COVID-19, please know that schools have been back in session since mid-August with no cases of COVID-19 at the time of this writing, and all districts are following safety guidelines to insure staff and students are as safe as possible. You can check on what is being required at school sites for safety, and read the guidelines yourself that were specifically written for our county schools, and are based carefully on all the state guidance. Just go to this link:

Or find it on the front page of our website at It’s called “Trinity County Schools Reopening Plan”.

Even without COVID-19, school staff still need substitutes because of common colds, or due to planned medical appointments, cars that break down, or other emergency issues which take them away from work for a day or sometimes longer.

Besides enjoying the satisfaction of working with or around students, inspiring a love of learning or making a difference in children’s lives, there are many other benefits to substituting. The pay is good. It is flexible, part-time work. You can choose what days of the week or how many days you want to work. You can choose to be called in an emergency, or only when an absence is planned in advance (such as for a dental appointment). You can choose in what district(s) you want to work. If you are interested in being in the classroom, you can even choose which age levels you’d prefer from pre-K to high school.

If you are interested in a school position or in the teaching profession in the future, subbing looks good on a resume when you apply for a full-time job, and subbing helps schools get to know you so you can be at the top of the applicant list when a permanent position becomes available.

For teacher subs, lesson plans are created for you and you follow a pre-set schedule for the day. If there’s time, you can try out fun and educational activities of your own devising. Substitute teacher training is available as well through our office. Substitute teachers do have some specific requirements and state paperwork to complete.

If you have any questions or want to sign up on a county-wide substitute list for any school position, contact our office at 623-2861.

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